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Today Clinic Solutions continues to do research and evaluate DNA for substances that can affect the entire body. Our utilization of state-of-the-art technology has catapulted our research and genetic science to assist people in obtaining healthier cells and organs, possibly avoiding the use of harmful treatments.  By changing an unhealthy cell signal (such as a gene mutation) that is creating stress in the cell, the cell can begin reproducing healthy cells. In a study that had women and men with positive BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, the cell signals were successfully changed utilizing our patented modified amino acid (MAA). At Clinic Solutions we believe in epigenetics, the process of working with genetic expressions to change health outcomes. It is always our goal to find the root cause of an issue instead of treating the symptoms.

The book, Epigenetics: How Environment Shapes Our Genes, by Richard C. Francis highlights how our ever-changing environment can profoundly affect our DNA. 

The naked gene consists of DNA in the form o the famous double helix.  The genes in our cells are rarely naked, however. They are, rather, clothed in a variety of other organic molecules that are chemically attached. What makes these chemical attachments important is that they can alter the behavior of the genes to which they are attached; they can cause genes to be more or less active.  What makes these attachments even more important is that they can stay attached for long periods of time, sometimes a lifetime.  Epigenetics is the study of how these long-lasting, gene-regulating attachments are emplaced and removed. Sometimes epigenetic attachments and detachments occur more or less at random, like mutations. Often though, epigenetic changes occur in response to our environment, the food we eat, the pollutants to which we are exposed, even our social interactions. Epigenetic processes occur at the interface of our environment and our genes.


The book goes on to say:

The epigenetics of cancer is particularly well-studied.  In cancer cells, many genes lose their normal methyl attachments - they are demethylated. This demethylation results in a host of abnormal gene activities, one consequence of which is unbridled cell proliferation.  It is this global demethylation, not any particular mutation, which is the hallmark of cancer. This is good news, because unlike mutations, epigenetic changes are reversible.  The goal of much medical epigenetics is to find ways to reverse pathological epigenetic events.  Many see in epigenetics the potential for a medical revolution.

Clinic Solutions offers evaluations for DNA cellular stress. Cellular stress is defined as cells that are not completely healthy - cells stressed from environmental toxins, nutritional deficiencies, bacteria, viruses and/or other infective agents.  Following the evaluation of the DNA, recommendations are made to assist in bringing the cells to a healthier state.

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